Achievements & Csr
  • He has been conferred with the title, ‘Lokmat Business Icon of Nagpur’ for being a successful doctor and an entrepreneur.
  • He is a senior pulmonologist from central India, practising at KRIMS hospitals, Nagpur.
  • He has commenced his career in the heart of the city in the year 82 in the field of respiratory medicine.
  • During his practise, he has gained a valuable exposure through varied components of pulmonology.
  • He has started fibre-optic bronchoscopy way back in 1986, as a most important diagnostic and therapeutic tool for the treatment of lung diseases and is regularly contributing for the awareness of asthma, COPD, OSA, lung cancer through camps in Nagpur and central India.
  • National and international presentation-
    • Smoker & malignancy, 1996, Bronchology Pune
    • Foreign body in bronchial tree, 1996, Bronchology Pune
    • Mite as a potent allergen (world congress of Polonology 1992, Ottawa Canada)
  • Second highest marks scored in D. Ortho Exams in Pune University, 2006.
  • Winner of Team Event of Intercollegiate Badminton Tournament of Amravati University, 1999 - 2000.
  • Primary DNB exam passed, June 2003.
  • Fellowship in reconstructive orthopaedic surgery at St. Josef hospital, Paderborn, Germany, 2006
  • Fellowship in hip arthroplasty at Kantonsspital, Liestal, Switzerland
  • Dr. S. Khandwala award for Best Paper at Nagpur 1998
  • S. Aptekar Award 2003 Mumbai
  • Advani Braganza Oration Award 2005 Mumbai
  • Dr. Shirin Mehta Guest Lecture Award at Central Asia Conf. 2010 Mumbai
  • Awarded Best Female Singer in IMA-2013 (Sa Re Ga Ma Contest)
  • Presentations-
    • Presented a poster "Unusual Case of Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis" at 15th annual conference of ISCCM, Agra
    • Dec- 2012, on Neurolept Malignant Syndrome, rare occurrence in TBI
    • July 2013, empty sac strikes back (Sheehan’s syndrome)
    • Jan 2014, Scrub Typhus in Intensive Care Unit (case series)
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • KRIMS HOSIPTALS in association with NGO-PRAWAH is fulfilling its Corporate Social Responsibilities by conducting various awareness campaigns.
  • The sole purpose of organizing these campaigns is to spread awareness among the citizens regarding various social issues.
  • In addition, our doctors and staff members also take active participation in each event.
  • The various campaign conducted by us in association with PRAWAH are-
    • C & G Campaign – is an ongoing campaign for plantation of trees and cleaning of the surroundings.
    • My City Campaign – the main purpose of this campaign is to reach out to the respective government departments for the road safety and better environment of the city of Nagpur.
    • H2O Campaign – Through this campaign, we made people aware about how to save water through different precautions that can be taken in everyday lifestyle. We are also promoting Rainwater harvesting which is one of the most important solutions to the future water problem.
    • No Tobacco - Every year on this day we organize rally, and presentations to make people aware about the ill effect of tobacco.
    • World Women’s Day – We have been working for making people recognize the real essence of womanhood. Moreover, felicitating those women who may not have been very successful socially or financially but still defined the strength of a woman.
    • Blood Donation Camp - Every year on 8th August, we have been successfully conducting this camp since last 5 years, wherein more than 125 candidates donate blood in a single day. The main reason to conduct this camp is to make blood available at the basic rate for the patients with poor financial condition.
    • Anti-plastic Campaign – Was to make people aware about the hazards of plastic, to minimize the use of plastic & proper disposal of plastic.
    • The other campaigns like, ‘Save Girl Child’, Awareness about Hemophilia’, ‘Budding dreams’, One for all Campaign, Paint Brush Campaign, etc have been a huge success too.
  • Many Newspapers like Times of India, The Hitvada, and Lokmat have acknowledged KRIMS HOSPITALS for its contribution towards the betterment of the society.