Black fungus vs. white fungus vs. yellow fungus: Which is more dangerous and who is at risk?

Mucormycosis, also known as Black Fungus, is a skin and connective tissue infection caused by the inhalation of fungus spores into the respiratory tract. Mucormycosis patients rarely have the usual signs of skin infections. Other symptoms of mucormycosis include a low-grade fever, muscle aches, weariness, headaches, skin and mouth ulcers, and a rash. People may […]

Why educating people about AIDS is important

You must be wondering why the title of the blog sounds so different than the title of other blogs? Well, The title is nothing but this year’s World Asthma Day’s theme by WHO.

NATCON Workshop on Interventional Pulmonology conducted at KRIMS Hospitals

A workshop on Interventional Pulmonology was recently conducted at KRIMS Hospitals on the  4th of January 2019.

“KRIMS Skin & Laser Clinic conducts Sparsh–Workshop by Dr. Tulika Arbat”

KRIMS Skin & Laser Clinic a center for advanced dermatology  organised “Sparsh – Skin Care Workshop by Dr Tulika Arbat”

Healthy Lungs means healthy life

Lungs are the most essential part of our respiratory system, which provides germ free fresh air to our body. Our body has its own defense mechanism which fights against microorganisms and provides fresh oxygen to our blood

What is Alzheimer? What are its symptoms and where to seek treatment?

Alzheimer`s disease, named after the doctor who first described it ( Alois Alzheimer) is a physical disease that affects the brain. During the course of disease

“Dr. Arbat invited to Paris to present his work on Interventional Pulmonology”

Interventional Pulmonologist from Nagpur, Dr. Sameer Arbat has been invited to European Respiratory Society(ERS) Congress to be held at Paris in September 2018.

How Dengue fever is different from regular fever

Regular fever is described as a condition in which our body’s temperature is higher than regular body temperature. Fever may occur to anyone at any age. Dengue fever on the other hand is a fever that is caused due to mosquito borne infection

Dr. Sameer Arbat receives “Best Paper Award” at Mumbai

City pulmonologist, Dr. Sameer Arbat received the prestigious “Best Paper Award” at IPL 2018 at Mumbai on 3rd June 2018. Dr. Sameer presented the Original Paper on “Role of Cryobiopsy in 57 patients” and 2 rare case reports on “EBUS

How Smoking might slowly kill you

Research has shown that about 90% of cases of Lung Cancer which are known to mankind are linked with cigarette smoking. Smoking not only dangerously affects your health but it also affects the functioning of your lungs. It creates changes in the respiratory system of human body which are occasionally

5 Reasons to see a pulmonologist if you have asthma (Best pulmonologists in Nagpur, Best Hospitals in Nagpur)

Asthma is a disease about which we have heard many a times and many a times it is the other person around us who suffers from it.

When to visit a pulmonologist?

“Every breath, every minute is a gift from our lungs” this verse very well explains how important our lungs is for our body and they were healthy determines our overall health “Every breath, every minute is a gift from our lungs” this

What is AIDS exactly?

AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is the advanced form of HIV. All thanks to the advancement in medical sciences, not many people who have HIV develop AIDS as well. AIDS is developed in a person’s body

‘Never Too Early, Never Too Late-It’s always the right time to address airways disease’

You must be wondering why the title of the blog sounds so different than the title of other blogs?Well, The title is nothing but this year’s World Asthma Day’s theme by WHO.

Dr. Sameer Arbat performs Central India’s first EBUS Procedure

Nagpur city is witnessing a lot of medical advancements. Recently young Interventional Pulmonologist from Nagpur, Dr. Sameer Arbat performed the first EBUS procedure

“Timely Intervention rises a new ray of life for an one year old on Diwali’’

The festivals of lights which brings the fervour of joy and happiness in our lives turned out to be the most dreadful day for a young couple in Nagpur.On the afternoon of 20th October 2017

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