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Giving birth is perhaps the most ironical experience in a woman"s lifetime. It is extremely painful and yet soon enough, the same pain turns into unparalleled joy. The journey difficult, has a beautiful ending. But sometimes, certain complications occur that can cause irreparable damage and bring upon a lifetime of grief. It is to avoid and handle such criticalities that you need expert hands.And that expert is a KRIMS hospital.

KRIMS, with its state-of-the-art set up and team of dedicated doctors, excels in rescuing critical situations, during post & pre pregnancy. It is perhaps the only hospital in India that has a resident back up team of Obstetrics & Gynaecologists with critical care infrastructure. The critical care aspects of obstetrics & pregnancy are varied and demand that critical care practitioners have a thorough knowledge of fetal and maternal changes in physiology as pregnancy progresses. Care of the critically ill pregnant patient requires a true multidisciplinary approach for optimal outcomes. And KRIMS prides itself on possessing the requisite know-how in dealing with such demanding situations.

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