Healthy Lungs means healthy life

Lungs are the most essential part of our respiratory system, which provides germ free fresh air to our body. Our body has its own defense mechanism which fights against microorganisms and provides fresh oxygen to our blood whereas expels out carbon dioxide from our body to the atmosphere. But humans many a times fail to realize its importance and get addicted to such habits which can harm our lungs and threaten its ability to work. Therefore we should take good care of our lungs very well and maintain our healthy lifestyle There are many lung related diseases like asthma, COPD, lung cancer and chest related diseases. If you are suffering from any of these diseases we would suggest to visit a good and best pulmonologist or asthma specialist in your city.

Here we are giving some tips and precautions you should take on regular basis to keep your lungs healthy-


We many a times read in the newspapers or during movie trailers that smoking is injurious to health but most of us neglect the fact that it’s the biggest threat to our lungs because cigarette smoking is the major cause of lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD). The smoke narrows the air passage and makes breathing more difficult leading to chronic bronchitis that is causing swelling in the lungs. Also it is a lesser known fact that people around the person who smokes (sidestream smoker) are also affected and they also have a chance of getting infected by lung cancer by 20 to 30%. So it’s never too late to quit smoking and adapt to a healthier lifestyle. If you want to quit smoking, which is a very difficult task, you can take help of specialist from best hospital in your town. If your living in central India you can visit KRIMS hospitals, which is best hospitals in Nagpur.

Maintain germ free conditions

We can easily maintain germ free condition only by simple habits such as putting your hand over your mouth while coughing or sneezing and maintaining distance from patients who are infected with flu. Take a rest of 2 to 3 days till you are fully recovered or it will increase the risk of getting other patients infected. Especially asthma patients, small children, old people and also the patients suffering from COPD are vulnerable of getting such infections easily. Even if it is a small infection asthma patients should contact pulmonologists to avoid any risk.

fill your diet with more veggies and fruits

Having a good amount of green vegetables and fresh fruits keeps your heart healthy and your gut good. Also they may help to prevent chronic lung diseases.

Take your body for a walk

Studies have revealed that if we perform any rigorous activity be it like swimming, running, cycling or brisk walking it increases your heart count which improves your overall health as you work out your lungs workout too and they boost up the oxygen level to your body and removes carbon dioxide. The heart in turn circulates more oxygen to it.

Avoid contact from airborne pollutants

Airborne pollutants are very harmful for our lungs as they trigger an inflammatory response in our body and destroys lung tissue due to inhaling toxins. So while going out in areas where we are prone to get infected by air pollutants use masks.

Breathe deeply

Try to breathe deeply because 99% of people take shallow breaths due to which only a small portion of lungs is used. Deep breathing clears our lungs and helps create a full oxygen exchange.

By following these six tips we can definitely have a healthy lifestyle. The patients suffering from asthma or COPD should regularly have a health check up done from a Asthma specialist even though if they don’t have any issue just to keep an status update of our health. Long time smokers find it difficult to quit smoking but if they desire to leave it, therapies and medications are also available for it. Many of us are confused of finding the most finest treatment maybe for us or our loved ones. If you want the best treatment and and if you are suffering from any of such problems then you have a one time solution to this that is KRIMS hospital Nagpur where they have the finest and specialized staff of doctors just waiting to help you out. It one of the best multispeciality hospital in Nagpur having asthma specialists to the best pulmonologists in Nagpur from central India awaiting to treat you well which is situated in the heart of the city . Because if it is for the sake of your health it deserves to have the best.

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